Artist’s social insurance fund (KSK): Anonymous survey – Identification of problems experienced by people insured with the KSK in connection with non-artistic part-time self-employment 

Allianz der Freien Kuenste

We are thankful to IAIB-International Artists Information Berlin/touring artists for providing an English translation of this survey and the additional texts.


Update 11/29/2021: It has been decided to extend the exemption for KSK insured persons with regard to independent additional income. KSK insured persons can have independent additional income of up to € 1,300 / month until the end of 2022 (normally € 450 / month or € 5400 / year) without any change in their insurance status. In addition, the minimum income limit of € 3900 / year is still suspended, so if you earn less than € 3900 with music in 2022, for example, you will not have any problems with the KSK.

Further information:

!! The AFK played a key role in the dispute with the special regulation on independent additional income. According to the coalition agreement (p. 122), it should now even be retained permanently. !!


Dear colleagues,

we know that many people insured through the KSK are having problems related to the additional income limit for non-artistic self-employed side jobs, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (but also in general).

The Allianz der Freien Künste is actively working to improve the situation. We are in discussion with the KSK, the legislative authority and various experts in order to make progress on this complex matter.

We need you and your experiences so that we can explain the problems using as many specific cases as possible, work on solutions and give weight to our demand for a (temporary) increase of the additional income limit.

Please use this survey to document your cases and the problems you have encountered in connection with the current supplementary income regulations:

Go to survey:

The information can be provided completely anonymously. You do not have to include any personal data such as your name, insurance number, etc. If you choose to provide contact information (optional), we might use it to contact you if we have any questions.

We will never pass on personal data to the KSK or other bodies. 

We suspect that there is a great many unreported problems that do not come to the public’s attention because insured persons concerned

  • are avoiding inquiring with the KSK about possible additional income out of concern that this might affect them negatively,
  • are not declaring their side jobs to the KSK against their better knowledge because they have no alternative and need the side job to keep their heads above water,
  • are turning down possible side jobs for fear of losing their KSK status.

At this point, it is important for us to point out that the existing regulations on additional income are based on social law provisions. The KSK is bound by these regulations and is to be understood as an executive body. Calls for changes to the current regulations can therefore only be addressed to the legislative authority, not to the KSK.

At the same time, we would like to suggest that the KSK expand its existing, already comprehensive body of information material to include information on issues that have gone unnoticed until now. In particular, this concerns the question of whether the additional income limit – while it continues to apply in its current form – can be considered on a monthly (€450) or annual (€5,400) basis. The KSK has already indicated that it is willing to cooperate in this regard.

Background: Taking up a non-artistic self-employed side job can quickly become a problem for persons insured through the KSK. Anyone who earns more than €450/month or €5,400/year will lose their health and long-term care insurance coverage through the KSK, regardless of how high their income from their artistic activity is. In this context, it is often unclear whether the additional income may be calculated on an annual basis (€5,400/year) or whether even a single month when this income exceeds €450 is grounds for exclusion.

On the other hand, part-time employment (side jobs subject to social insurance contributions) is generally rather unproblematic.

Further information:

Info-PDF provided by KSK concerning additional income:ünstler_Publizisten/Informationsschriften/Versicherung_trotz_Nebenjob.pdf

Appeals of Allianz der Freien Künste to the legislative authority for effective support for persons insured with the KSK during the COVID-19 crisis:ÄUTERUNGEN_20210310_ITI_EN.pdf